AccuLawn Care

If you’re looking for lawn services, can help you find the available options in your area. What should you look for in a lawn care company? The following questions may be helpful in identifying what you need and expect, and whether a particular lawn care company is right for you:

What type of services do you need? Are you looking for a weekly mowing service? A full-service landscaper? Someone who will weed garden beds and configure irrigation systems?

How big is the lawn? Some services specialize in small, intricate lawns, while others may focus on sprawling lawns.

Is the property commercial or residential? There are companies that specialize in both, and others that only do certain types of properties.

What is your budget? Lawn services can typically be found at both ends of the spectrum, from very affordable, to very costly. Bear in mind that many factors will affect the price, including the size of the lawn, the services being delivered, and the frequency of service.

What is the lawn service’s experience? Do they have experiencing in managing lawns similar to yours? Do they have references or referrals?

What are their guarantees? What happens if you are not satisfied with the service you receive? If they treat a lawn for weeds, and weeds continue to grow, will they re-treat within a certain time period?

Once you have an idea of what you need and want from a lawn service, call the services in your area and ask them the questions that will help you determine if you feel confident in their ability to meet those needs.